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Foldable Bench
Ty T. (Portland, US)
Love the bench

Pretty solid for a foldable bench and it works perfectly for the small space we have it in.

Foldable Bench
Nic P. (Chicago, US)
Good product

Overall, this bench is great quality and I can use it for weights as well. It also increases number of exercises I can do on MaxPro. The one thing that probably needs addressed is when using a high weight setting on MaxPro, on some exercises if your not careful the bench can pull off of because of the force required to lift. Sometimes your body weight will be enough to hold down, but there are a couple exercises you can’t do this for. But still good product.

EXTRA MAXPRO EZ Mount Door System
Erik G.G. (Frisco, US)

I love it! Works well on the door and I got a extras so I can keep one in my backpack so I can anchor it to a tree when I’m out in a trail.

Cleaned up the clutter.

I really like my MaxPro. I've only had it for a couple of weeks but so far so good. I love the versatility of it. My wife loves that all of my weights are off of the floor of our bedroom.

MAXPRO SlimLine Wall Track
Chris M. (Atlanta, US)
Way better than using the door.

I have used resistant bands on my door and never really liked it. This was one of the selling points for me. This is a great addition to the MaxPro.

MAXPRO SmartConnect Portable Cable Machine
Rayquan B. (Cincinnati, US)

When I say the max pro is worth, it's worth it, ignore all the haters out there, if you have a busy life like myself or tired of going to the gym or wanna cut monthly memberships I strongly recommend you get a max pro!!!!

Foldable Bench
Buddy (Houston, US)
Bench is solid and stable

The bench is solid and stable. Folds up easily to toss in closet when not in use. Cover material and foam seem to be decent quality. Should hold up well.

Need more classes in the app

Like it a lot but you need more class options on the app.

MAXPRO SmartConnect Portable Cable Machine
Greg C. (North Miami Beach, US)
Love and Hate

I love the concept and overall enjoy using Maxpro. I have two of them with a bench and wall track.

The flexibility to move to different exercises and angles on the fly is great.

I hate the shutter and shake that comes and goes depending on the setting.

I assume clutches stick and release. This is supposed to "wear in" and smooth out.

I am not sure that will happen as I've had MaxPro for about two months and use it about five times a week.

If that is true that it will break in and smooth out, management should put units through a break-in period before sending them. Not have the customer break it in.

If the shutters would smooth out, especially at higher resistance settings MaxPro would be amazing.

Amazing bar

Absolutely the best portable bar to buy. The team and the maxpro solution are both incredible! Congratulations for this inovation that changed my life and my body.

Foldable Bench
Adam F. (Mililani Town, US)
Great Addition

Honestly didn't think I needed the bench but it was included in the bundle and I love a good deal. Actually really glad I got it. Adds additional utility and variety to the Maxpro. Very sturdy and stores easily. Nice bench.

MAXPRO SlimLine Wall Track
Adam F. (Mililani Town, US)
Essential Equipment

I actually think they should raise the price and include the wall mount. The versatility and utility of the MaxPro goes up astronomically if you've got the rack. It's literally like have a full cable rack system in your house without taking up a full room. Really well made and easy to install. Don't get the MaxPro without the rack.

MAXPRO SmartConnect Portable Cable Machine
Adam F. (Mililani Town, US)
Worth the Price!

Best home workout equipment I've ever owned. I've been around while and as life got busy getting to the gym got increasingly harder. I've had the Soloflex, Bowflex, and set up a full gym in my garage but this is by far the easiest to set up, workout and put away. It takes up min space and there's literally no exercise you can't perform. I was hesitant at first to spend the money. The price was high for what it looks like on the website but it's well worth the price. Built really well, super convenient, adaptable and infinitely adjustable. Fantastic product!

Lots of fake reviews

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Foldable Bench
Neil C. (London, GB)
Great addition

I bought the bench after using a regular weightlifting bench for lying and seated exercises with my Maxpro for the past 7 months. The bench adds several exercises to my routine and is far quicker, more stable and more convenient than any other bench. It also feels far more robust than other benches and as it os foldable, is easy to store.

The most efficient traveling gym

I didn't know if I would like the Maxpro due to the fact that there is no eccentric contraction for the muscles. I was apprehensive about that. But after using it and finding improved muscle build and a lot less chance of injury I can say that it works! I just started out my business as a traveling trainer and this compact design has helped me immensely. I have had years of experience with all types of equipment but by far the Maxpro is my favorite! Only thing they could improve on is that the attachments are not suitable for anyone out of the standard weight limit. It is not compatible for my clients who have larger ankles or hips. Ankle straps and belt straps need to have more options for other sizes. I also find it hard to find the right door to mount the Maxpro on. Since I am using it primarily for my traveling trainer business it is difficult to find something to mount it on. Aside from that I highly recommend the Maxpro to all types of demographics! This is for everyone!

Foldable Bench
Carlos R. (Nanuet, US)
The Bench

Great addition to the MaxPro unit. Works great and compact as well. Love the capable amount of exercises that can be performed. If you don’t have the room, this combination is perfect. I’m happy👍

Foldable Bench
Donnell B. (Jersey City, US)

Very useful goes perfect with my maxpro

MAXPRO SlimLine Wall Track
Dan W. (Kissimmee, US)
No appropriate door mounting

Wall Track received in timely manner and well packaged, just like everything else. Track assembles in minutes. Installation would have been easier but walls are pine planking and had to plane out a little bow in planking. Once mounted it is rock solid on wall with no movement when working out. Worth the investment for added versatility along with bench. Makes a nice hat rack when not in use. :)

A lot of promise

The hardware has a really solid construction, and feel robust. Weight is smooth on the out cycle but easily drops on the back cycle. The main thing which could be improved is the app. The UI isn’t good and could use a UX overhaul. Training programs are good, but if you want to use a freestyle program it’s not easily comprehensible. Having a solid UX designer pay some attention to the app should fix that and make this a solid buy. 4 stars for the hardware, 3 for the app.

Still too soon, but optimistic

Like the product. Pleased with the workout routines on the app, to help me learn the capabilities of the equipment. For sure there is a difference from free weights.

MAXPRO SlimLine Wall Track
William G. (Alpharetta, US)
Very surprised

The small compact size of the MaxPro had me a little sceptical of what all I'd be able to do. With the wall track and bench I am very surprised of all the muscle groups I can workout.

Maxpack Backpack
Chris P. (Herndon, US)
Grab this

Stores the unit and accessories nicely. Everything ready to grab and go out on the hike to a park, or just packed and safely stowed away until next use. Compartments all sit well, hold each piece securely.

Foldable Bench
Chris P. (Herndon, US)
MaxPro + bench =

No brainer.
They were built for each other. Price is a bit steep, not being able to incline the's still comfortable; can maximize my routines a few more sets easily vs other benches I've used where the padding was thinner or the bench was straight plastic.
Light. MaxPro stays seated well. Good investment if you're looking to get the most out of your system and exercise.

MAXPRO SlimLine Wall Track
Chris P. (Herndon, US)
Look here, now...

...this wall mount adds much more to my repertoire than the unit alone. Think I'm about a month into using my MaxPro bundle, and I'm hitting muscles I'm sure I didn't have before. I feel great. The track was easy to assemble and set up. The versatility the various pieces bring into my game is fantastic. If you're thinking about grabbing a MaxPro go for the gold and grab the set.