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SmartConnect Portable Cable Machine
LM (Boynton Beach, US)
Excellent device.

I have enjoyed this device from day one. Excellent concept. I like the portability, well built, easy switch from exercise to exercise. I especially liked the ability to change the weight with such ease. The resistance is great. I also like the Smart connect. It is great to be able to watch and record my workout. Thanks, for sure a great device.

SmartConnect Portable Cable Machine
Johnny s. (San Francisco, US)
Traveling gym

I travel for work and sometimes I work late so I don't always get to go to the gym. I invested a lot of money into other traveling gym equipment and they may have done the trick but it didn't give the results I wanted.

Until Max pro came along and after doing much research on it ,I can say this is the best traveling home gym I could ever spend money on.
I don't need to carry all this extra gym equipment with me when I travel everything I need is right there in this machine.
I've used it quite when I can and even when I come home late I still am managed to pull out some reps on this machine.

So far I've had no problems with it but from what I've done on my research adjusting this machine is not a problem.
My advice to people who are thinking about it if you're going to spend this much money you better have 100% dedication to wanting to change your life.

MAXPRO SlimLine Wall Track
Customer (Glendale, US)
Opens many functional movements

The slim track amplifies the benefits of the Maxpro. It allows for greater resistance because of how securely it mounts to the wall rather than being strapped to a door. It also allows for easy vertical adjustments. I would highly recommend getting it, you won’t be disappointed.

SmartConnect Portable Cable Machine
jill c. (Delray Beach, US)
New user

I recently purchased the max pro and I am loving it. Since I haven't done any strength training in quite some time I have found the lowest setting for arms still a little heavy for a total beginner. I am female and a 5 lb start weight its a little much. I picked up a couple of 3 lb weights and have been using the app workouts with those. This week I will start using the max pro for arms as well. I think the app needs updating. I would really like to see it have the ability to airplay.

SmartConnect Portable Cable Machine
Torrizos T. (Stone Mountain, US)

Very handy for my exercises very compact and easy to move around quite in my own home gym with with this equipment

MAXPRO SlimLine Wall Track
Tara J. (Tooele, US)
Great concept. Needs some improvement

I was hoping for the same functionality as a cable machine. But it just isn’t smooth. It’s jerky and sometimes the weight is very uneven from side to side. I’ve read reviews about it breaking in…but when? Otherwise I do love that I can use the wall track to do all sorts of workouts and variations.

SmartConnect Portable Cable Machine
Anthony P. (Palo Alto, US)
What I've been waiting for my whole life

Small compact, taking up limited space. Very versatile!

Amazing machine and highly durable

I received my Maxpro in July 2020 and have been amazed. This thing is the real deal and I’ve had no problems with it. It is highly durable. Also, I enjoy the concentric style workouts and have still felt gains in my mid-30s. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

Maxpro has changed my life

SmartConnect Portable Cable Machine
J W.D. (Montgomery, US)
Good Piece of Equipment

MaxPro is very good—just not quite great. Know this is a cable workout, it’s good—but its not free weights. Resistance is pretty constant, but there is always that initial but that just a tad off. The door mount can only be mounted on one side of the door and our door jams are deep—so the door mount will not work on all doors. The machine was not calibrated correctly when I received it—so MaxPro sent a video link to adjust—not complicated, but still an issue. The numbers on the dial are not really indicative of a weight setting—it’s just a number. The app is super impressive—but not so great when using free weights and cables in a workout. The app is well thought out and works really well—impressive

The first machine I received the battery did not work—I had to return it to MaxPro, but they would not send a new one until the old one was received. Maybe look at what Apple does, Levenger, other companies that put a hold on the dollar amount until received. Just sad to have it not work—have to return and then wait longer—there is a better way to take care of customers.

In the end, I like it—just don’t love it. I don’t regret the purchase as I think it is probably the best matching of it’s kind out there. I’ve had it for about 3 weeks—use it often. The machine is well made, the bench is fine—but not as good as my other weight bench—moves a little bit, so I hope it lasts.

MAXPRO SlimLine Wall Track
Timothy L. (Stow, US)

Using the MaxPro on a door was good and fantastic for travel but having the wall track mounted at home was a complete game changer as it added speed and stability to whatever exercise I wanted to do. It really opened limitless possibilities! It's a must have!

Foldable Bench
Laura B. (DeBary, US)
great bench

I put off ordering this bench for quite some time. I have another one, but it just wouldn't hold the max pro well if the weight was heavy. I should have just bought this from the get go. It's heavy duty but soft and comfortable. Easy to do a wide range of exercises.

Worth the $$$

I really love this machine! It’s compact and great for a total body workout. I love the videos on IGTV.

Foldable Bench
Pam S. (Roseville, US)
Great bench

I love this bench!!! It's perfect for so many exercises! Chest press, pullover, leg abduction, donkey kicks and you can even use it like a pilates machine. It's also super comfy and cushiony!

Foldable Bench
Jennifer M. (Tucson, US)
Best Bench in the Marketplace

I bought the MaxPro Foldable Bench because I didn't want my home to look like a weight room. (I already have one piece of equipment that can't be put away.) I use it then stow it in my linen closet until next time. I have since learned the MaxPro cable system is highly rated by Shape magazine and a number of online fitness writers. I love the bench and now believe I need to get the MaxPro SmartConnect so I can get rid of my barbell. Still need the dumbells to prop the door open on a windy day.

Foldable Bench
Randon S. (Oklahoma City, US)
Good but not great for the price

The bench is good but for $200 it should let you have an incline and decline function. It would also be cool if it had a foot hold for sit ups. It is a real basic bench with a very high price tag.

Foldable Bench
Jesse L. (Lynden, US)

I love the workout bench. It makes it so I can add a lot more resistance to my chest workout.

MAXPRO SlimLine Wall Track
Ervin M. (San Leandro, US)
Love it so far

I love the MaxPro with the wall track. I wish, I wish, I wish... they had a back pad that attached to the wall track for doing standing bench-press-like exercises. Having had a past abdominal surgery, the bench isn't as good for me as doing these exercises standing. Make it happen MadPro! Great product so far!

Foldable Bench
Ty T. (Portland, US)
Love the bench

Pretty solid for a foldable bench and it works perfectly for the small space we have it in.

Foldable Bench
Nic P. (Chicago, US)
Good product

Overall, this bench is great quality and I can use it for weights as well. It also increases number of exercises I can do on MaxPro. The one thing that probably needs addressed is when using a high weight setting on MaxPro, on some exercises if your not careful the bench can pull off of because of the force required to lift. Sometimes your body weight will be enough to hold down, but there are a couple exercises you can’t do this for. But still good product.

EXTRA MAXPRO EZ Mount Door System
Erik G.G. (Frisco, US)

I love it! Works well on the door and I got a extras so I can keep one in my backpack so I can anchor it to a tree when I’m out in a trail.

SmartConnect Portable Cable Machine
Chris M. (Atlanta, US)
Cleaned up the clutter.

I really like my MaxPro. I've only had it for a couple of weeks but so far so good. I love the versatility of it. My wife loves that all of my weights are off of the floor of our bedroom.

MAXPRO SlimLine Wall Track
Chris M. (Atlanta, US)
Way better than using the door.

I have used resistant bands on my door and never really liked it. This was one of the selling points for me. This is a great addition to the MaxPro.

MAXPRO SmartConnect Portable Cable Machine
Rayquan B. (Cincinnati, US)

When I say the max pro is worth, it's worth it, ignore all the haters out there, if you have a busy life like myself or tired of going to the gym or wanna cut monthly memberships I strongly recommend you get a max pro!!!!

Foldable Bench
Buddy (Houston, US)
Bench is solid and stable

The bench is solid and stable. Folds up easily to toss in closet when not in use. Cover material and foam seem to be decent quality. Should hold up well.