Version 3.9.0 App Update

Our Biggest Release Yet

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Newest Feature: Create

Save your own workouts

Possibly a first in the connected fitness app space.. Now as part of the 'Build Your Own' option, you can actually CREATE and add YOUR OWN custom exercises locally on your phone to combine with MAXPRO exercises to create your very own custom workouts- How awesome is that!! Add exercise; Burpees for example under the TIME mode or an exercise that uses the MAXPRO under the REP mode!

Now you can record yourself doing workouts, upload it and tag it just like the workouts in our 'Build Your Own' section.

Let's go!

To add a workout, click on "create". Go through the steps to add your workout. Now that you've added your workout to "create" it will save in your local library. Go to 'Train' and then 'Build Your Own', filter based on your choice (pictured is filtered based on ankle straps), choose your workouts (exercises are from MAXPRO library and My exercises are the workouts added by you), and choose circuit or station, reps or time, save your workout and LET'S GO!

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Other Updates:

*Added message when connecting your MAXPRO
*Fixed known bugs
*Add or delete exercises in workouts already saved and you can even save them as a new workout under a different name, so you donโ€™t have to build a similar workout from scratch just because of a rep or set change!

*Also, we improved app performance by allowing you to switch between different apps on your phone and resuming or restarting when you return.

Releasing January 2021:
19 new full-length workout videos (Strength, Tabata, Core to name a few)

Previous App Updates:
From version 3.8.9

New Feature: 
*Saving workout if interrupted

*Knob resistance reminder update
*Allow to mute sounds
*Fixed known issues

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