MAXPRO™ Women’s Shorts
MAXPRO™ Women’s Shorts

MAXPRO™ Women’s Shorts

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100% polyester birds eye mesh with tricot liner. Low rise, 2½” inseam.

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100% polyester birds eye mesh with tricot liner. Low rise, 2½” inseam.


Kyle (Weight-Lifter) 10/24/2019

This is easier on my joints than lifting weights.

 I’ve had tons of injuries on my cuff, elbow and wrist- and this felt good.

Brett (Runner) 6/11/2019

This is something else.

You can clean & press, do back squats, bicep curls without switching out weights.

Crystal (stay-at-home mom) 5/01/2019

I love that you can do cardio and plyometrics.

As a former athlete I am always looking for ways to stay in shape the way I used to when I trained hard.

AJ 3/16/2019

Such a great piece of equipment.

MAXPRO really is an all-in-one-machine perfect for serious weight lifters looking to challenge every muscle in their body.

Nick (Firefighter)

I am lifting people or debris almost hourly.

 I need to be able to stay in shape to do my job. Working for a city with limited resources makes it hard to get the exercise I need daily. Thanks to MAXPRO, not being able to go to the gym on the days I work doesn't matter anymore. I can build the strength I need right in our small station with MAXPRO.



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