MAXFactor Program 

This program is to be used either as a standalone for time-pressed individuals or as a supplementary program to athletes who want to add the MAXPRO "X" Factor to their training. Every set will be performed every minute on the minute for 5 sets. While the total volume of sets per exercise is limited to 5, the trainee can customize the number of reps and how they perform those reps based on their fitness goals.

The program utilizes full body, signature movements that can only be performed on the MAXPRO and is reminiscent of many Kettlebell programs that feature the Swing, Snatch and Press as the cornerstone lifts. While it does NOT isolate every muscle group and movement, it is an excellent way to teach your body to move as a single, formidable unit. There are a myriad of benefits and carryover effects of such a systemic program not the least of which includes high caloric expenditure as well as increased work capacity, athleticism and full body strength.
Rep Range Guidelines

5 Reps - Power

The work to rest ratio when only performing 5 reps every minute is in line with that of many sports and lends itself to maximum power output. Those training in this repetition range should focus on using about 30% of their max weight performed as explosively as possible (use the MAXPRO app to monitor power output). Refrain from going to failure and dial back the resistance if power output decreases.

10 Reps - Hypertrophy and Endurance

A more general category that most trainees fall into that blends strength, muscle growth, endurance and caloric expenditure. Weights should be around 60-70% of max weight and increased from session to session to progressively overload so long as form is maintained. Each set should be taken as close to failure as possible with 1 or 2 repetitions in reserve.

20 Reps - Endurance

This repetition range is best for increasing endurance and maximizing caloric expenditure as the work to rest ratio usually ends up 1/1. Because trainees will be performing so many repetitions with so little rest, it is best to stick to 20-30% of max weight and avoid failure. The goal is to increase your heart rate and increase your capillary density in your muscles - not to completely obliterate your ability to recover.

Full Body Exercises

The compound nature and coordination of multiple muscle groups makes the exercises shown below so effective if you are pressed for time. Good form is very important and we implore you to use the MAXPRO app to guide and help you with this. It is also helpful to take videos of yourself doing the exercise and compare with those shown on the app.

Also, it is important to understand that oftentimes the limiting factor in the MAXPULL and MAXPRESS are your upper body muscles. If you are struggling at the end of a set to finish the movements above your head, it is advised that you perform a modified version of the lift where you are simply Romanian Deadlifting or Front Squatting, respectively, for the last few repetitions.



    With both feet on the MAXPRO and handles in the "catch" position, squat down to the desired depth and then, as you squat back up, simultaneously press the weight overhead. Try to make this movement as fluid as possible - do not squat, pause, and then press. Use the momentum and strength of your lower body to push the weight overhead. This movement will focus on the anterior chain including the quads and shoulders.


How to do it: 

Using the MAXPRO on the ground, stand with your feet spread out and your arms by your sides. With a big chest, standing nice and tall, turn your palms forward and drive your elbows up and back.



    With both feet on the MAXPRO, cross the cables and select the appropriate weight. Get into a "hinge" position with your glutes back and a slight bend in your knees. Explode the weight overhead using your hips while your shoulders and upper back finish the movement making a "Y" shape overhead and strongly contracting your glutes. Your final pose will put your entire body in an "X" shape. This movement will utilize your entire posterior chain including your glutes, hamstrings, shoulders and upper back muscles.


How to do it: 

Using the lower mounted position on a door mount or track, grab your handles and position them between your legs as you face away from the MAXPRO. Step forward far enough so that you must reach back and behind your body to start the movement. Select a weight that is challenging but will allow a full glute contraction at the top without "grinding" the last few inches. Do not pull the weight with your arms and keep your hand close to your body. Focus on using your hips by pushing them back and pulling them forward.

As a martial arts instructor and full time acupuncturist, I’m always looking for ways to optimize my workouts and training.  

Now I have the metabolism most people would kill for, but its also very frustrating trying to keep muscle mass on even when I want to. Between having my child and the gyms being closed for Covid, I lost 27lbs of muscle between December and when I got my maxpro in July.

Once I was up and running smoothly, I couldn’t believe how effective and well designed this thing actually is. The wait was well worth it.
IT REALLY WORKS!!!! Within 2 weeks, I gained back 9lbs of muscle and I was only working out 3 days per week for about 20-30 minutes max. Amazing results.

I'm a huge fan of this device. Here's what I love about this. It takes 1 second to change weight! I like to gradually get heavier on each set. Also, not having the same amount of resistance on the return is a blessing in disguise. You can be using a huge amount of weight and then instantly nothing which avoids injury. Plus cables always give you such a variety of angles.


Though I'm a big fan of dumbbells and have a full set from 5-100lb, I found that I've been using my MAXPRO more. It is more convenient and safer. I finally realized, if I had to have one type of equipment, it would be my MAXPRO. I just recently bought adjustable dumbbells to be more convenient when switching weights and less space, but now regretting it cause the MaxPro can do it too. I'll tell you. the weight stress I get on the MAXPRO is adequate and will give you results and its versatile.

Edison, Customer