Versatile and compact cable machine with on-demand classes and easy to use features


Powerful & Compact

Up to 300lbs of Resistance! Fit a weight room's worth of equipment into any sized space. MAXPRO gives you the flexibility of a complete full body workout, no dedicated space required.

Experience the Power of MAXPRO

  • Folds Easily. The most compact and portable workout machine.

    Folds Easily

    The most compact and portable workout machine.

  • Large Workout Library. Live and on-demand workouts accesible online and in our app

    Large Workout Library

    Live and on-demand workouts accesible online and in our app.

  • Weighs Only 10 lbs. Travel with the SmartConnect, easily fits in a backpack.

    Weighs Only 10 lbs

    Travel with the SmartConnect, easily fits in a backpack.

  • Bluetooth Tracks Workout Track workout data, history and progress.

    Bluetooth Workout Tracking

    Track workout data, history and progress.

Concentric Training

Build Muscle - Recover Faster

MAXPRO is a Concentric Resistance Training (CTR) machine whereby the resistance is engaged during the lift (or pull phase) of an exercise or movement. CTR allows you to achieve higher contribution reps at higher resistance levels leading to greater workout volume and muscle stimulation. Also, less muscle damage equals faster recovery and the opportunity to train more frequently.

Why Concentric Training Works

A Mission to Revolutionize Fitness

Burn, Build & Tone in a variety of exercise styles such as Resistance, Strength, HIIT, Plyo, Suspension and Stretching. The possibilites are limitless!

Start Your Journey

  • Exclusive PowerClutch System

    Patent-pending multi-plate clutch system allows for 5lbs to 300lbs of adjustable concentric resistance with a quick turn of a dial.

  • Sensors Communicate via Bluetooth

    The Coaching App allows users to effortlessly track workout data, history, progress and results.

  • Performance & Fitness Coaching App

    Reach your fitness goals with video classes and programs designed by expert trainers. Real-time workout tracking guides your workouts.

  • Cables 15x Stronger than Steel

    Our high-strength cables provide constant resistance throughout your rep and allow movement in any direction.

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Keeping it fun so you don’t have to think about your workouts, ever again.

Fitness can be fun. When your body is moving you are happier, and science can prove it. Our coaching app offers live and on demand classes that will keep your workouts fun and fresh.

Get Moving With MAXPRO
  • 30-Days Risk Free. We’re so confident MAXPRO will change your life, we offer a 30-day trial period.

    30-Days Risk Free*

  • Interest Free Financing. Instant approval options allow you to pay with small fixed monthly payments.

    Interest Free Financing

  • 2-Year Warranty. We stand behind our product. We offer a full one-year limited warranty.

    2-Year Warranty

  • Ready Out of The Box. MAXPRO is a full gym out of the box, no complicated setup or install required.

    Ready Out of The Box

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Starter Pack
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Combo Pack
Combo Pack
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Deluxe Cable Gym
Deluxe Cable Gym
$1,199 $1,524
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The Elite Bundle
The Elite Bundle
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