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It’s great but...

The door system is great and it works really well, the only thing I would change is the rubber back of the door mounts become unglued after a few days and they start moving around every time you use the system, I had to use crazy glue so they don’t move anymore.

My knee replacement surgery recovery.

Planning on using maxpro to help me in my knee recovery journey. On 3/20/21 I had a total knee replacements. My goal, use Maxpro to help me in my recovery and strength training.

Pretty cool, but mark up must be high

It is a pretty cool system, fun to use and actually works...yes you can work out with it for real.
For the price, I was disappointed the carbiners paint chipped in the first 2 days, that starts to look like short cuts were taken.

Love it

It adds a wonderful change up to my routine

Great workout equipment

It's easy to get a complete workout. With the wall mount and bench It's nice to be able to get in such diverse effective workouts.
Being able to so quickly adjust the resistance is really a huge benefit for my workouts.

I have the Maxpro bench but also got a non-MaxPro incline bench for a second location where I workout (there was a backorder when I was considering a second MaxPro bench). It made me realize the high quality of MaxPro bench, not that the other one is bad, but MaxPro definitely used better materials. The MaxPro bench feels more solid.

Love it!

The Maxpro is the best investment in my health that I have ever made! Well worth every penny! Thank you!


Easy to put together and works great.

Best gym equipment ever bought

I live my MaxPro. It gives me a complete workout without leaving my home. Training videos are great they offer many options. Many times I don’t have enough time for a long workout but the training videos offer short strength training sessions. I highly recommend this equipment and also recommend getting the wall bracket.

Good at home gym

Set up was easy. It is very versatile for such a small piece of equipment.

Slim Line Wall Track System is the way to go

I am partially disabled so I can't do many of the standing workouts available with the MAXPRO but the Slim Line Wall Track System allows me to perform all the exercises that I want for upper and lower body. The track doesn't look like much coming out of the box but once installed, it is definitely very sturdy and allows for easy movement of the MAXPRO from top to bottom. Installation is simple and can be done in a matter of minutes. The toughest part was finding a stud to attach it to. I highly recommend that you buy the Slim Line Wall Track System with your purchase.

Great in terms of versatility

Love all the things you can do with it and all the ancillary equipment (beach, track). Love all the content MaxPro puts out to give you ideas for workouts. I’m not using it as much as I should. But glad I found it.


I was skeptical this would work but mounted on the wall there are so many exercises you can do it takes away the need for more machines. Love the Bluetooth too. It’s great to see your progress and keep track of workouts. Highly recommend. Worth every penny.

Worth a Gym Membership

Give up your membership and buy this instead. High quality, traceable workouts. Can’t be beat.

Amazing Results!

I have been using the ProMax for one month and am totally impressed with the results! I have muscle definition, love the free instructional videos and prepared exercise videos. I’m blown away with the value I received with my purchase is absolutely priceless!

I hate working out. I love this!!!!!!!!

I can bang out a quick few sets and its fun! I really look at working out as a chore. This is a super quick way to work out and see results! Not sure what to do? Open the app and stream a few exercises and workouts. It is awesome! And the best part is ...... it travels with me every weekend!

Love MaxPro

Light weight, easy to use, great workout


Couldn’t ask for a better workout from such a tiny machine. Able to workout in small spaces, which is perfect for when I deploy on my boat for weeks and can’t hit the gym.

Convenient and great quality!

We love the foldable bench. It's easy to store, easy to use, sturdy and comfortable. And it was affordable.

MAXPRO SlimLine Wall Track System

Had if for three weeks or so...

I am 50. I hate going to the gym, play a lot of soccer, but I needed the weight workout. I will work at home but not at the gym. Have been doing all body work outs as well as stretching. The all body stuff is going to take time, but the stretching exercises with Barry have been life changing. I am not flexible and even the little bit of work I have been doing has been fantastic. Less back pain. Joints feeling better. Hips moving better. I am impressed. And I never give anyone all the stars - I am the last person you want filling out forms on you. But! But, it is really that good.

Only thing I would improve is the app. It is not very good. It gets three stars.

Love it!

I really do love the wall track system; super easy to install and the whole thing takes up so little space. I love that I can increase weights at such small intervals — way easier than using dumbbells which typically have a 5# jump once you get to the 20# size. I haven’t had the MAXPRO for a super long time yet so the cables aren’t running fully smoothly, but they get better each week so that’s a positive!

Great addition

The Max Pro track is incredible. It is sturdy, clever and allows me to do full body workouts. Absolutely perfect for my small gym!!!

So far I love the equipment it really feels as if you were lifting free weights

Great space saver

Love the MaxPro. Have only had it a week but enjoy all the exercises that you can do with it! Only downside is not having the extra wall piece to easily move positions. The door strap can sometimes move if not mounted properly/tightly.


I really enjoy the maxpro, I drive semi for a living so getting to the gym is hard, but not anymore thanks to the MaxPro I can workout anytime on the road, in my truck or outside. Fast shipping great service.