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The most efficient traveling gym

I didn't know if I would like the Maxpro due to the fact that there is no eccentric contraction for the muscles. I was apprehensive about that. But after using it and finding improved muscle build and a lot less chance of injury I can say that it works! I just started out my business as a traveling trainer and this compact design has helped me immensely. I have had years of experience with all types of equipment but by far the Maxpro is my favorite! Only thing they could improve on is that the attachments are not suitable for anyone out of the standard weight limit. It is not compatible for my clients who have larger ankles or hips. Ankle straps and belt straps need to have more options for other sizes. I also find it hard to find the right door to mount the Maxpro on. Since I am using it primarily for my traveling trainer business it is difficult to find something to mount it on. Aside from that I highly recommend the Maxpro to all types of demographics! This is for everyone!

Foldable Bench
Carlos R. (Nanuet, US)
The Bench

Great addition to the MaxPro unit. Works great and compact as well. Love the capable amount of exercises that can be performed. If you don’t have the room, this combination is perfect. I’m happy👍

Foldable Bench
Donnell B. (Jersey City, US)

Very useful goes perfect with my maxpro

MAXPRO SlimLine Wall Track
Dan W. (Kissimmee, US)
No appropriate door mounting

Wall Track received in timely manner and well packaged, just like everything else. Track assembles in minutes. Installation would have been easier but walls are pine planking and had to plane out a little bow in planking. Once mounted it is rock solid on wall with no movement when working out. Worth the investment for added versatility along with bench. Makes a nice hat rack when not in use. :)

A lot of promise

The hardware has a really solid construction, and feel robust. Weight is smooth on the out cycle but easily drops on the back cycle. The main thing which could be improved is the app. The UI isn’t good and could use a UX overhaul. Training programs are good, but if you want to use a freestyle program it’s not easily comprehensible. Having a solid UX designer pay some attention to the app should fix that and make this a solid buy. 4 stars for the hardware, 3 for the app.

Still too soon, but optimistic

Like the product. Pleased with the workout routines on the app, to help me learn the capabilities of the equipment. For sure there is a difference from free weights.

MAXPRO SlimLine Wall Track
William G. (Alpharetta, US)
Very surprised

The small compact size of the MaxPro had me a little sceptical of what all I'd be able to do. With the wall track and bench I am very surprised of all the muscle groups I can workout.

Maxpack Backpack
Chris P. (Herndon, US)
Grab this

Stores the unit and accessories nicely. Everything ready to grab and go out on the hike to a park, or just packed and safely stowed away until next use. Compartments all sit well, hold each piece securely.

Foldable Bench
Chris P. (Herndon, US)
MaxPro + bench =

No brainer.
They were built for each other. Price is a bit steep, not being able to incline the's still comfortable; can maximize my routines a few more sets easily vs other benches I've used where the padding was thinner or the bench was straight plastic.
Light. MaxPro stays seated well. Good investment if you're looking to get the most out of your system and exercise.

MAXPRO SlimLine Wall Track
Chris P. (Herndon, US)
Look here, now...

...this wall mount adds much more to my repertoire than the unit alone. Think I'm about a month into using my MaxPro bundle, and I'm hitting muscles I'm sure I didn't have before. I feel great. The track was easy to assemble and set up. The versatility the various pieces bring into my game is fantastic. If you're thinking about grabbing a MaxPro go for the gold and grab the set.

Foldable Bench
Dan W. (Winter Garden, US)
Does the job

Shipping carton arrived in perfect condition and bench was well packaged. Removed from box, opened legs, tightened lock knobs and setup was finished in two minutes. Both legs can hold MaxPro down now. Bench is comfortable, stable and built well.

MAXPRO SmartConnect Portable Cable Machine
Diana P. (San Tan Valley, US)

I love that this is easy to use and you can use use the app to follow trainers to do exercises so you can do special exercise routines!

Loving it, worry about ware and tare

Product is amazing, I love the fact that I can take it with me anywhere. I had it for 3 weeks now and been using it 3 to 4 times a weekend. It won't satisfy a body builder but I believe it's good enough for intermediate and more than enough for beginners. My worry is wear and tare, cable feels and seems strong and sturdy im not sure about the mechanism within where the cable retract.

Of course you will not get the same feeling as a free weights. I have use mine in the park. Walk with this machine on my back pull it out and do some workout. Setting it up takes less than a minute. Over all this product is amazing.

MAXPRO SmartConnect Portable Cable Machine
domenique b. (West Palm Beach, US)

I absolutely love this machine. The wall mount is a must in my opinion. I am able to do almost every exercise I performed in the gym on this machine in the comfort of my own home.

Foldable Bench
Michael D. (Seattle, US)
Bench? YES!

This is sold as a folding bench for my MaxPro. When I got the package, I really didn’t know what to expect. Would it bench correctly?

I’ve been using it regularly. It’s totally a bench.


Omg this thing is sooo amazing!! My butt is finally growing!! I hate going to the gym so always home workouts and without being able to up the weight too much this thing does the damn trick!!! The AP sucks tho. You can do any and all work outs with this especially if you get the wall mount and bench!! LOVE MY MAXPRO


This is a great machine! I live how I get coaching, instruction, and support from this machine and the website!

MAXPRO SlimLine Wall Track
Allen B. (Birmingham, US)
Good form

I like having the max pro mounted there is not any movement. At least not a lot. And I like that. Helps keep good form. And I also like the sliding track. Very good idea. Now I can do more exercises. Mix things up. With it mounted to the track, can get some killer rear deltoid cross cable flies. So yes I really like it good product.

MAXPRO SmartConnect Portable Cable Machine
Cary S. (San Francisco, US)
Love it!

One of the best portable workout tools I've ever purchased. The quick resistance changes makes it so easy to change workouts. I love how it folds and connects to the app. I haven't had time to review it because I'm hooked on using it!

Beastmode: activated

My first, and only, other home gym that I've owned was a stationary 24 exercise machine with a max weight load at 200lbs. That said, this is what I am comparing the MaxPro to.
While my previous machine hit all the core muscle groups, I felt it was limited in function and strength building. Doing the same exercises every day got stale. I started looking for other ways to enhance my routine and started using the gym less. Not so with the MaxPro. The versatility of the range of exercises that can be done with the device alone is multiplied exponentially when you add in the door mount, the wall mount, or the bench. In my first two weeks I feel like I am working out each muscle group much more efficiently than with a stationary plate machine. The resistance is modified smoothly with the turn of a dial. Concentric exercise verse plate weights are working my muscles harder. The MaxPack backpack keeps my gear stored away neatly, or just ready to grab when I want to hit the trails. The compartments are designed well to hold the various pieces securely. The chest strap you can secure while wearing sits a little high. If you're thinking about going for a jog with the pack on the bottom thumps against your back.
There are a few quick steps that can be done to enjoy more of your time exercising with the MaxPro. One of the first things that I noticed was a slight lag in the resistance upon extension. When I increased the amount of resistance on the dial the lag was gone. Second thing that I noticed was the bench seems to be a tad misaligned. Sitting on one end of the bench my left side slightly dips. This can be fixed by checking to make sure the lugs are securely tightened between the legs and bench, and that the leg mounts are seated properly on the MaxPro. Last, the app the MaxPro is meant to connect to...doesn't. I would like to track my progress and use the training features of the app but I am told that I'm not connected right after setting up the device and app. A minor annoyance.
The MaxPro itself still gets the 5-star review, with the bundle that was purchased. Excellent product. Solid investment.

EXTRA MAXPRO EZ Mount Door System
Alan D. (The Bronx, US)
A Must Have

If you don't have the wall track, this is a must have. Saves you time if you have a extra one so you don't have to change the EZ Mount from upper to lower.


I've done the comparison research. I've tried the MaxPro first hand. Zero buyer's remorse. I have all the accessories and they sync up to compare to the othe much more expensive competitors. The resistance up to 350 lbs is outstanding most competitors stop at 200 or have to buy more equipment to compare. Buy the bluetooth bundle, you won't regret the purchase.

Solid equipment

Added this to my gym now I can do all cable exercises as well as everything else must have if you want variety in your home gym


The Maxpro has been a great addition to my home gym setup. I use it during each everyworkout. I also will be using it during a trip in the summer. Thanks Maxpro crew. Aloha.

MAXPRO SlimLine Wall Track
Darlene L. (Clifton Park, US)

I bought the MaxPro initially without the Slimline track and what a mistake. I love love it, since not being able to go back to my gym this replaces most of my missed exercises. You can do everything on it & it’s a must. Don’t make the same mistake as I made!