It's a pretty impressive alternative to the weights and machines you'll find at a gym.

This gear will make you never want to leave your personal fitness sanctuary.


We're so confident MAXPRO will change your life we offer a 60-day trial period.


MAXPRO is a full gym right out of the box, no complicated setup or install required.


We stand behind our product. We offer a full one-year limited warranty.


Instant approval options allow you to pay with small fixed monthly payments.

Based on 125 reviews
Foldable Bench
David P. (Charlotte, US)
A must have great edition

Great addition to go along with the wall mount...Adds a great deal of versatility to the workout system.

Foldable Bench
luis a. (North Bergen, US)
Space savor

Pull out work out and done love it can be stored away taking little space.

Foldable Bench
Martin R. (Antelope, US)

Happy with bench works great . Highly recommend it . It makes a great different .

Upper body

Great product

As always, MaxPro excels in product quality and customer service

Couldn't recommend more. You can be 100% confident in the quality of the product and that customer service will take care or any issues that might occur.

SmartConnect Portable Cable Machine
Alberto L. (Brentwood, US)
Max pro

I love my Max pro mobile gym it’s easy to add more weight when needed and the different exercises u can do with this is amazing and the best part u can take it any where ! Great product glad I bought my max pro

Maxpack Backpack
Martin R. (Sacramento, US)

Great back-pack , easy to store . Look forward to taking it with me on my next trip ..

Max Pro Smart Connect is a game changer

I like that The Max Pro Smart Connect can be used anywhere, anytime and from a seated position. It's has helped me reach my goal of training 3 day a week without going to the gym. Looking forward to using the app.

SmartConnect Portable Cable Machine
Daniel S. (Long Beach, US)
Battery issue

I received a device last week and I’ve tried to charge it it will not hold a charge so therefore I can’t use the smart portion of the device

Best equipment for small space

The maxpro is a great piece of workout equipment for the small space that have at home to work on. I am able to take it with me on the go when I travel. I highly recommend this to anyone.

The Best

Awesome product and excellent costumer service. I absolutely love it.

Versatile Addition to Any Home Gym

Easy to use and portable. Able to squeeze in a workout whenever at home.

One of the greatest innovations in workout equipment in my lifetime!

I was a wrestler in high school that lifted a lot of weights and since then I've always been somewhat into working out at the gym, and at home. For the longest time, I've been looking for something like this where I could get a good workout while traveling and also to keep in my office. I know you can do body weight exercises, but I'm somewhat of a gadget guy myself. I brought an elastic band with me on a trip and never used it because it seemed so limited and not very fun to use. I had a bench and one pair of dumbbells in my office but it was just one set and quite limited in the exercises I could do. I love how small and portable this, how easy it is to adjust the weight, and the number of exercises and ways you can use it. Feels similar to using cable weight machines at the gym, except that the resistance only comes on when pulling. Still, so far I'm able to get a great workout and work up a sweat from using this and I believe it is a very good compromise for it's size!

Gain without pain!

I decided to do home workout as a more convenient way to save time and money, and this home gym has been awesome. There was an adjustment that had to be made when it lost resistance on the right side, but it was an easy fix. Best of all, I haven’t felt that soreness you get after a hard workout but am still making great gains. Gain without the pain!

Complete gym with 300lbs of resistance

I use the MaxPro with the mounts strapped to my squat rack. I can work my chest (with a bench), front delts, side delts, rear delts, lats, abs, triceps, biceps, traps, etc. You can also work your legs, however I still like to go the gym for those days. Customer service is 10/10. Really great people working over there. I saved myself trips to the gym, time, gas money, etc. Highly recommended little engineering marvel.

Great product you will love it!!

great product that fits easily in your home and has plenty of different options of workout. It's a must-get.

Awesome home workout machine

Bought this directly from maxpro towards the beginning of covid. People who complain about this thing are out of their minds. Is it the equivalent of a complete commercial gym? Nope. Does it give a great workout without taking up much space - absolutely. Pair this with their bench and not many exercises this thing won't do. FYI - their customer service is awesome. Very responsive and solves the problem asap. One of my better purchases.

Happy on the Move

This is what I have been looking for, brilliant.

We split our time between 2 locations, do lots of camping and also traveling. I am not a big gym membership person, and I don't always know where I will be. I needed something I could bring with me that gave a bit more umfp than my exercise bands. This pairs so nicely with my yoga practice for weight resistance and I is as compact as my yoga mat.

Just Love how this is so versatile and portable it is. The apps is also great, i can "zone out" and not have to keep track of my rep counts, cause it does it for me, BONUS.

Great for all fitness levels

Portable fitness on the go. I use to train with clients. Great workout program. Easy to set up.

Great Product

You have to spend time with the unit and learn the complexities of lifting with this as opposed to free weights. This being said, once done, an amazing unit that has had a significant impact on my fitness routine. Get the bench - game changer. Amazing customer service as well.

Exceptional build quality and great fitness app

I love this product. Well built, easy to use and transport. The coached sessions are first class. I have seen major gains in my first month of use. The blue tooth connectivity and fitness tracking is also great. It is expensive but it is absolutely worth the money.

Lightweight, portable, easy to use

Its a solid piece of machinery that's definitely portable and allows me to get a full workout wherever I may be!

High quality, solid, and unbelievable resistance

After unboxing I am impressed with the build quality. I was suspect about such a small gadget providing a good workout but the resistance is amazing on this thing. Much more than I can lift at maximum.


I really like the fact that this saves a lot of space. And it works! effective. I recommend this to everyone.

Versatility with compromises

The maxpro can* be the total gym but I feel its more of an addon to a home gym then a "total gym". Lacks eccentric resistance which is crucial and extremely beneficial when doing squat type of movements as you need to build your legs to support the weight going up and down as well. Have to appreciate what this tiny/portable machine can do and understand that due to its size and portability it will have comprises. For the record strength bands are not the same nor similar and silly to compare. This resistance feels like actual weight. 100lbs feels like 100lbs.

Cliff notes..
Concentric resistance (resistance as you engage the muscle)
no Eccentric resistance (0 resistance as you return to original position.

Lightweight and built well.
Calibration is simple and quick.
Need frequent use to break it in as it can feel choppy for a bit.
Portable can take it with you.

Resistance feels like actual weight not like what you feel from a loop strength band. Which is a stretchy feel.
Quick to adjust weights and comes with bars/ankle straps/handle straps.

The maxpro definitely feels complete when coupled with the bench and the wall rack.

Rack is well built and provide different angles.
Bench is very solid and provides even more variety. Using the maxpro on it provides so much versatility as doing incline movements on it is based on the angle of the cable so no real need to have an incline bench.

This is a great piece of equipment that filled in the gap in my home gym. Already have 90lb powerblock dumbbells with an adjustable bench. I was using strength bands with wall hooks top/bottom to get different angles definitely not good enough for muscle building. After a week of maxpro doing back movements I see more development in my upper back. It can do all of the cable exercises you would do at the gym at home now. Even can do leg extensions and leg curls with the bench with ease. It was weird not having eccentric resistance. I made the adjustment and squeezed and held it for 2 seconds at the top of the movement. Doing lat pulldowns and other rowing motions on this had my back sore in areas i have not felt sore in the past.

I can't compare it to Tonal or Mirror as those take up a large footprint and the maxpro is really tiny so I can't expect the world out of it but it is definitely good enough. The Tonal has eccentric resistance but requires a $50 membership and thats an expensive retention price just for that.

If they come out with a new version that provides eccentric resistance I do not think I would upgrade as I feel holding it for that extra squeeze is all I need.

In summary I like it and haven't felt this excited to work out in a long time. The wife and I enjoy using it and we fight over using it sometimes :)