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SmartConnect Certified Open-Box (Final Sale)

SmartConnect Certified Open-Box (Final Sale)

Resistance | Strength | HIIT | Plyo | Suspension | Stretching | Cardio & More

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Certified Excellent Condition

Open-Box SmartConnect may arrive as either Raw Metal or Sport Orange

Includes the same accessories & extras of a new MAXPRO but at a HUGE DISCOUNT

- 2-year warranty
- Manufacturer Certified, Passed MAXPRO's 10-point expert technician check
- Includes all original parts/accessories
- Shipped in Original Packaging.

Note: Packaging may show marks or sign of wear from prior shipping

*all sales final*

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Main Body: Aluminum Alloy Construction
Plastic components: High impact resistance PCABS
Bottom Pad: Anti-skid, anti-Mar EPDM
Rechargeable 18650 Li Ion Battery
40-minute charge time, 2-months run life
Type-M USB Charge Cord Included
MAXPRO is relatively maintenance free.
Clean: Wipe with a damp cloth if necessary.
Expected cable life: 1.5-2 years depending on frequency of use.
Self-Replacement cable kits are available on MAXPRO store.


MAXPRO weight: 9.4lbs
Total Box Weight w/accessories: 17lbs
Unfolded: 32.3” L x 3.6” W x 4.11” H
Folded: 15.98” H x 7.2” W


MAXPRO Performance & Coaching app
Heart Rate
Apple Watch & more to be released
Chrome Cast & Apple Screen Mirror Compatible
  • Folds Easily. The most compact and portable workout machine.

    Folds Easily

    The most compact & portable workout machine.

  • Large Workout Library. Live and on-demand workouts accesible online and in our app

    Large Workout Library

    Live & on-demand workouts accesible online & in our app.

  • Weighs Only 10 lbs. Travel with the SmartConnect, easily fits in a backpack.

    Weighs Only 10 lbs

    Travel with the SmartConnect, easily fits in a backpack.

  • Bluetooth Tracks Workout Track workout data, history and progress.

    Bluetooth Tracks Workout

    Workout smarter, the app tracks workouts & progress.

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Monthly payments for the MAXPRO are based on 24 months at 0% APR ($649 sale price) or 10%-36% APR based on credit, and is subject to eligibility check.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Jason S. (Sunbury, US)
NPS score:
0 (Not at all likely)
10 (Extremely likely)
Likes: Easy to use
Improvements: The dial that tells us what the resistance is
Fantastic product

It works great

Zach B.
NPS score:
0 (Not at all likely)
10 (Extremely likely)
Likes: Refurbished unit was fully functional and excellent
Improvements: I would say the app seems dated, especially on iPad, where it's not it's own native app, it is the iPhone app blown up. Needs an update for the 2020s.
Nothing Else Like It! Throw your exercise bands w/ handles in the trash!

The MAXPRO is an invaluable workout tool and there is really nothing else like it on the market. Some people online list the lack of eccentric weight on the MAXPRO as a con, but it is a FEATURE. You will not miss the eccentric. Because let me put it to you this way: you never need a spotter. Why? Because the moment you stop your concentric motion, the weight is GONE. So lets say you do a bench press, you press up to the top of your rep, and the weight is instantly gone at the top; no eccentric pressure, no risk of injury, just reset and go again. It takes all the fear of injury out of the bench press! If you are in danger of bailing on the rep, the weight is gone the moment you stop trying. And as a 6'8" man, the MAXPRO ad where Shaq puts the handles clear above his head for a shoulder press sold me; if it works for a giant like Shaq, it works for a very tall man like myself. This was a big hindrance on me whenever trying the same exercise with exercise bands with handles; they just don't make bands for that exercise for tall men. With the MAXPRO, you can do a weighted squat straight into a shoulder press, or a Romanian deadlift, straight into bicep curls to shoulder press in one smooth motion. You can get creative and attach it in odd places with the door mount, and I even put the straps on my wrist to get good resistance while boxing. I'm really impressed with MAXPRO overall, thanks so much to Nezar and the Sharks for bringing this incredible device to the world.

Gabe J. (Richmond, US)
NPS score:
0 (Not at all likely)
10 (Extremely likely)
Likes: Payment plan through Affirm was great. Takes up just about no room.
Improvements: The app needs more features for the free users. The ads were misleading about the free programs on the app.
Love it!!

Love the product so far, although I haven’t really used it a whole lot yet. I’m looking forward to using it steadily from here on out. I love the convenience of it and storage is great with it folding up into just about nothing. The folding bench is a bit pricey but works great with it and also folds up nicely for storage. I keep them right in the living room so I don’t have a good excuse to not use them. I haven’t gotten sore from a workout yet, even though I’ve pushed pretty hard for a couple workouts. I have yet to see if the results are as good with only a concentric workout.