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Coached classes
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Vroom Vroom. Fitness Made Simple

The MAXPRO Performance and Coaching app will enhance your MAXPRO digital experience- Keeping it fun so you don’t have to think about your workouts, ever again. Check out classes led by certified coaches, global leaderboard and challenges, custom-built workouts, real-time performance feedback, wellness guidance and more.


The MAXPRO App has something for every body. Enhance your MAXPRO experience with our Premium Subscription*. New challenges. New coached classes. Build Your Own Workouts. Freestyle.

Exclusive Detroit Dash

Put yourself in the driver's seat of a world-class fitness experience.

Inspired by sports car dashboards, the Detroit Dash is a patented visualization tool that puts your most vital workout data front-and-center — reps, time, heart rate, velocity, power, and more.

Detroit Dash

Learn more about each Detroit Dash dashboard widget

Widgets available: Resistance Switch, Reps Counter, Detailed Graphs, Knob Resistance, Velocity Panel, Power Panel, Status Bar, Heart Rate Panel, MAXPRO Score and Control Panel.

Coached Classes

Go beyond your goals with new classes led by certified instructors.

Choose from a rapidly growing library of coached classes for all fitness goals and experience levels. Compete with others around the world via a real-time leaderboard and find classes that are trending globally.

Premium: Find Your Zone

In real-time, see which velocity and heart zones you’re in, then use that data to adjust your workout and overcome plateaus.

*For $19.99 per month, users gain access to the full suite of MAXPRO’s advanced features; free users will retain access to basic services such as starter workouts, freestyle tracker and more. Premium subscription not required to use the MAXPRO SmartConnect for working out.

  • Velocity & Heart Rate Zones Available for Premium Subscription

  • Results Screen Available for Basic Subscription


Mobile app feature
Personalized coaching based on user's biometric data and fitness goal
Frestyle Workout Performance Screen to track your workout performance (MXP, Calories, Reps, Time)
Upgraded "Detroit Dashboard" Freestyle Screen with Velocity Based training, and Heart Rate Zone Optimization.
Instantaneous Rep analysis for velocity and power over displacement or time, % and Peak Velocity and Power.
Social Sharing of Results.
Coached Classes
Sample of 10 Coached Classes.
Access to Dozens of Coached Classes and new ones added monthly.
Access to Library of Online Live Classes from Social Platforms.
Ranking of your MXP score live on global Leaderboards.
Challenge your friends.
Multi-Week Programs
Multi-week professionally assembled workout schedule based on fitness goal.
Pre-Set Workouts
A sample of 5 MAXPRO professionally assembled pre-set workouts.
Access to full library of MAXPRO preset workouts, including celebrity workouts.
Build Your Own
Build your own workouts from MAXPRO's 200+ exercise library.
Create your own exercises with video to combine into your build your own workouts for a truly custom.
Sharing with friends your own custom created workouts.
Share online your workout results and leaderboard ranking.
Workout scheduling
Auto-Schedule of workouts, classes, and multi-day programs.
Detailed workout results tracked over time with trend graphs.
Awards and Medals for workout progress, milestones, and achievements.
Heart Monitor Connectivity
Apple Watch and Android Smartwatch connectivity for heart rate monitoring and more accurate calorie calculations.
Tutorial Videos
Access to MAXPRO's tutorial library.
Access to MAXPRO original and curated articles on Health, Nutrition, and Mind.
Live Cable Calculator