Nezar Akeel and Sabrina Wescott stop into studio to show off their new creation!

"We have Sabrina Wescott and Nezar Akeel here and we are talking about the MAXPRO. What is it? It is this thing right here. And what it does is goes like this and the whole world is open to you. “You have up to 150 pounds on each side so it is almost limitless to what you can do. You have over 12 feet of cord in there. That cord actually has over 900 pounds of tension capabilities. That cord is super strong.” I know you said this but I really want to reiterate the fact that 150 pounds of resistance on each side- 300 total pounds- is enough for most people. There is a huge rack at the gym and you aren’t going to buy that or take that with you. You guys also have a bar. “Yes we have a straight bar that comes apart and makes it easy to transport. We also have a bench.” When you buy the MAXPRO you get one of these clips for traveling. This will mount to the top of a door, the middle of the door or the bottom of a door. It is light weight, it will pack in a bag very easily."  Watch the full story here.

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