8 Tips To Stay Healthy While Traveling

8 Tips to Stay Fit While Traveling

It’s vacation season again, and we all agree that taking a break from work, routine, and the demands of life is important to keep our stress levels in check.

When you take a vacation, you are not shrinking responsibility. Instead, you are taking care of yourself, so you will feel more restored and refreshed when you get back. But that doesn’t mean you should forget all about working out.

Exercise is a great habit that, once broken, is hard to pick up again. How then do you fit exercise into your beach visit or overseas tour? That’s what this post is all about.

Here, we share tips to stay fit and healthy while traveling, plus travel workout essentials you can bring on your journey.

Tips to Stay Fit and Healthy While Traveling 

1. Start your day with a healthy and heavy breakfast

Fitness is so much more than the size of your waist and the number on a scale. It’s about having energy, community, and forming healthy habits. And one of the most important things you can do to stay fit while traveling is to start your day with a healthy and heavy breakfast.

Breakfast is the fuel that will keep you going the whole day. So, don’t miss out on healthy foods rich in protein, and vitamins that will pump your metabolism. We recommend stocking up on nuts, fruits and protein bars for the trip to ensure high energy levels.

2. Take advantage of your environment

Get out there and experience the beautiful place you’re in. Hike the rainforest or use hills as your cardio workout. Exercises are not defined by structured time and movements in the gym. 

That way, when you travel to a different place, you accomplish two goals with one activity. 

3. Stop eating out every day

Trying new food or visiting foodie destinations in a foreign country plays a huge part in traveling. But eating out every day is bad for your health. That’s because quality food is not available every time.

The good news is that you can always prepare your meal from local ingredients. It is much cheaper, and you have more control over what ingredients you put, so you stay healthy on the road.

Moreover, consider taking vitamins and supplements as you travel. Taking probiotics, for instance, can give your tummy extra support during your trip. Vitamin D helps strengthen the immune system and the Omega 3 supplement helps bring down stress levels.

4. Party with purpose

Some travelers love parties. They would gladly stay out, up, and party whenever there was a chance. However, drinking alcohol is not exactly healthy for you. Neither is staying up too late, eating unhealthy foods, and not getting enough sunlight.

And yet, these are all the trade-offs when you party at night and have some fun. So, find a way to fit a party into your schedule in a way that makes you happy without giving you headaches or making your waistline bulge.

5. Split up your desired minutes of workout per day

The key to maintaining healthful and lasting habits is to stay flexible in your fitness approach. This means not just trying different physical activities but also splitting up your desired minutes of workouts per day into smaller portions.

It could be doing a 10-minute morning walk outside before breakfast or body-weight exercises in your room, a 10-minute swim in the afternoon, and a 10-minute walk around town in the evening.

And if your idea of a holiday doesn't involve exercising, there are still many ways to stay fit. Just focus on being active and moving more. Hike up a hill to get a better view, go on a walk to explore the hidden backstreets, and take a stroll along the beach.

6. Take light equipment with you

With some light equipment at hand, it’s easy to squeeze an effective workout even if you’re traveling. You may want to invest in a resistance-training device, like MAXPRO, that can fit a weight's room worth of gym equipment into any corner. They’re light, can easily fit in hand luggage, and are compact.

MAXPRO, also has a cable machine with 5-300lbs of adjustable resistance so you can create your home gym anywhere, no bulky gym equipment is necessary. Bringing light equipment with you during your trip can moreover serve as a physical reminder of your goal to stay active as you travel.

Along with this, MAXPRO also has a coaching app that you can actually download workouts before you leave so you can have them when you don't have access to internet.  

7. Don’t sacrifice sleep

We understand it when you don’t want to waste an hour when you’re in a place you’ve never been. You would want to head out early to catch a sunrise and stay out late in the evening to get the most out of your travel. 

Still, sacrificing sleep may not give you enough energy in the following days to experience more moments to the fullest. Not to mention that sleeping less will backfire on your fitness no matter how hard you exercise. 

8. Chill out

Finally, don’t stress about staying fit while on vacation. With never-ending bus rides, cultural hurdles, and long-haul flights, traveling can be stressful enough as it is.

So, take a deep breath and take each moment as it comes. The main goal is still to enjoy yourself while in a new place. It doesn’t matter if you don’t work out as much or treat yourself a few too many times as you’d planned - this trip is once in a lifetime, so go out and have some more fun.

You may not always go to the gym or do your favorite fitness class, but there are many ways to build healthy movement into your day while making time to relax and enjoy the scenery.

The Bottomline

You’ve been working hard for your fitness goals before vacation, so why stop now? Your effort to gain muscle or lose weight can still be achieved. 

With MAXPRO, you don’t need to stop your workout routine when you travel. Such a revolutionary fitness technology will give you the “freedom to work out anywhere.” Plus with these tips in mind, rest assured, that you can easily maintain your health and well-being as you travel!

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