Community Update

Hello Again Friends and Supporters of MAXPRO,

We hope this email update finds you all well. MAXPRO Fitness as a company is dedicated to the ambitious goal of bringing better health and fitness to people all around the world, and thanks to all of you we have a good start towards that goal. More immediate, with the whole world dealing with this unprecedented COVID-19 epidemic, we are reminded that the relationships we form with you, our customers, and the global community that we are striving to build, are the most important part of our growing startup. With that said, we would like to ask that each of you, please take all necessary precautions as recommended by health authorities to keep yourselves and others around you safe and healthy.

Predictably, demand for MAXPRO, and exercise at-home fitness solutions, has increased considerably in the past few weeks. Since the closures of many gyms nationwide, requests to purchase our product have increased significantly. More than ever, we can see the benefit that MAXPRO provides to people’s lives and overall well-being. Rest assured, the recent events have only strengthened our resolve to produce the best anywhere fitness solution on the market, and to quickly get MAXPRO to you, our valued customer, to help you reach your fitness goals.

As you know by now, MAXPRO production stopped when we, along with many businesses, had to adjust our plans due to the impact of COVID-19. But now we are happy to announce that we are restarting production next week, and you should expect to receive your MAXPRO in the following 3-4 weeks. We will be spending the extra money to expedite shipping to shorten the normal 4-6 week shipping time. Again, we wanted to make sure we take this opportunity, once again, to express how much we appreciate our customers. We know unequivocally that we wouldn’t be here without all of your support. Please stay tuned for next week’s update once production resumes.

Thank you and stay safe!

MAXPRO Fitness Team

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