Consistency Over Perfection

by Coach Bree

If you know me, you already know that I preach “Consistency Over Perfection” as the ultimate way to achieving your health and fitness goals – but what does it mean and how do you apply it?

I’ll start by saying, this tagline was born from my long-term observation that many individuals spend a lot of time focused on how to create “the perfect exercise routine”. Hours spent planning – only to be scrapped if results weren’t immediate, or they deviated in the slightest way. The thought was often “I messed it up, so I’ll quit, and start again on Monday”. 

Don't quit working out

The time until Monday was then filled with steps backwards with the excuse of “I might as well enjoy myself until I start again”. This “throw in the towel, yo-yo situation” got me thinking. I wondered if this was either the ultimate way to procrastinate – OR – was this a genuine desire to achieve results, but a hindering belief that progress only came from absolute perfection?

Fast forward to now – I spend a lot of time sharing my view that simply committing to moving your body each day is far better than starting, stopping, skipping, starting over, and frustrating yourself in the process! Plus, it is way less stressful, and we all know that stress is the WORST thing for our bodies. Think about it: Two steps forward each day is far better than 5 steps forward and 10 steps back over and over again. 

Now don’t get me wrong, a properly thought-out workout plan is very important, especially when you are fine tuning for specific results – but there are many ways that the guesswork can be taken out for you so you can just focus on showing up and doing the work! Plus, the habit is what you are really wanting to solidify. 

Your Action Plan
In order to harness the power in this message, the steps are simple:

Commit to consistency to create the habit

Plan a time in your day that you will commit to movement

Determine if you have a specific goalGoal of Improving general health:

If your goal is improving general health – get ready to have some fun and simply focus on creating the habit by doing a variety of workouts that feel good to your body! Whenever I’m asked “What is the best workout for me to do” – my answer is always – “The one you enjoy doing! ☺”

Specific goal (ie – muscle gain, certain body fat level, etc.)

If you have a specific goal – check out our MAXPRO coached classes and follow the workouts geared towards your that goal! In the app you can follow along with the workout templates in the Build your own section, and upcoming challenges – all geared towards helping you attain specific results! We also have weekly live classes on Instagram & YouTube, our weekly HIIT (emailed- be sure you sign up -for those short on time).

In the end – the power of consistency will result in a lifelong habit that will produce results over time like you can’t imagine! If you found this helpful, let us know! And if you have any questions – we are here to help! See you in your next workout!

Coach Bree

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