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What you eat is super important for energy/muscle sparing (during the workout) & recovery/muscle growth (post workout). Foods contain macronutrients that play a specific role during and after your workout.


Protein is essential for building muscle and helps you get stronger. Whether you work out or not, you should be consuming a high-quality protein every 3-5 hours- for those of us that are more active- we need to up our protein intake. The average rule of thumb for people who work out is to consume around 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight daily. Here is an example*:


Age 35

Weight: 175

Height: 5’ 11”

Works out: Daily/Intense workouts 3-4 times a week

American Dietetic Association (ADA) recommends at least 79 - 143 grams/day


Age 35

Weight: 130

Height: 5’ 4”

Works out: Daily/Intense workouts 3-4 times a week

American Dietetic Association (ADA) recommends at least 59 - 106 grams/day

*You can check your recommended protein intake here: 

A great way to get in your protein is though a HIGH-QUALITY protein powder. Knowing the factors that make it "high quality" can be tricky since harmful ingredients are hidden under so many different names. Choosing one that contains ingredients you can read and know what they are is a great place to start when choosing a quality protein. Hands down my favorite protein powder is Truvani’s Protein Powder. For a few more affordable options, you can check out this article comparing different brands.


Carbs are fuel. They fuel your brain and they fuel your muscles. In our recommendation, we are recommending carbs before you workout. However, some people might not need carbs before they work out. This goes back to our shoutout at the top that EVERY BODY is different. However, if you are feeling sluggish during a workout, your lack of carbs might be the reason. Carbs are the top source of energy during high intensity workouts--including lifting weights.

🍩 Pop Quiz 🍞- Donuts are equal to Whole Wheat Toast because they are both carbs!

WRONG- pay attention to the type of carb you eat.

There are 2 types of carbs: simple & complex.

Donut= Simple = lots of sugar and immediate boost of energy and then a crash. Whole Wheat Toast =Complex = takes longer to digest so your boost of energy lasts longer. 

Sabrina’s Musings:

Food should never make you feel shameful. Take the time to appreciate your body the way it is. 

If your food and fitness level aren’t where you want them to be don’t wait until Monday, start now. It all starts with a general appreciation of what you already have and then it takes time, effort, and commitment to treating yourself and your life with appreciation and gratitude. Your body can do so much and you have the potential to be so strong if you allow yourself to. 

Check out Coach Bree’s recommendations:

My go-to pre and post workout fuel is generally carb and protein based:

Pre-exercise: Chicken, Rice, Veggies or Egg whites, Spinach, whole wheat toast (gluten free option Quinoa/Beans/Legumes)

Post-exercise: Something quick and easy to digest like a Protein shake & oatmeal or a Protein Smoothie with fruit!

Pair your healthy lifestyle with a great strength based workout:

Full Body Strength (reps of 15, 90 seconds of rest between sets)

Warm Up: 4-5 minutes, get heart rate up, break a light sweat

Circuit 1:

Squats 3x15

Back Rows 3x15

Circuit 2:

Deadlifts 3x15

Chest Flys 3x15

Circuit 3:

Shoulder Press 3x15

Rear Delt Raises 3x15

Circuit 4:

Bicep Curls 3x15

Tricep Extensions 3x15

Cool Down: 4-5 minutes - stretch all major muscle groups 20-30 second each 

######### Nice job with your workout!

Next, finalize your fitness frenzy with a yummy smoothie (*with protein powder)

Dragon Fruit Pineapple Protein Smoothie:

dragon fruit smoothie

1-2 cups of Unsweetened Almond Milk (prefer vanilla for added flavor boost)- more milk is smoother, thinner smoother.

½ cup Frozen Pineapple

½ cup Frozen Dragon Fruit (I found mine at Costco!)

1-2  scoops of high quality vanilla protein powder


In your blender's cup, add the milk and then add the remaining ingredients and blend on high. Put in your favorite glass with a reusable straw and enjoy! 

*Note: I was surprised to find that dragon fruit and pineapple have almost the same sugar content. The pineapple is a nice addition to give a little sweetness to the, as some would say, bland taste of dragon fruit. These 2 fruits are a great combination of vitamin C and antioxidants to give your immune system an added boost. 

About the authors:

Sabrina is a certified holistic health coach and Bree is personal trainer and MAXPRO's program director and coach.

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