How MAXPRO Customers Use Their MAXPRO

It has almost been one year since customers all over the globe have had their MAXPRO. We surveyed our customers to find out exactly how and why they use their MAXPRO.

When asked why they decided to invest in a MAXPRO, 28% of the people said they would use it to replace the commercial gym while it was a pretty even split between other reasons such as how compact the MAXPRO is, the versatility of the MAXPRO, people using it to replace free weights, and the price and the app.

When asking people what motivates them to use their MAXPRO, 42% said for the general health and physique and 37% said because of the convenience of the MAXPRO. Content and autonomy was split at 11% for the remainder of the answers.

A lot of people lay their hat on their portability of the MAXPRO, especially when it comes to summer adventures. With the MAXPRO you don't need to stop your workout routine when you travel. With summer just beginning, people are getting used to being able to take their gym with them. 81% of the people said they use their MAXPRO at home while 19% use it for travel. We will resurvey after summer and see if that number changes!

We know that with Covid brought gym shutdowns. People panicked and looked to get their hands on anything that would help them stay in shape. Fitness companies sales skyrocketed amiss the chaos leaving people wondering what will happen after gyms open back up? 91% of MAXPRO customers who responded to the survey still plan to use their MAXPRO as gyms begin to open back up while 59% of the people said they bought the MAXPRO because the gyms shut down. It is good to know that MAXPRO will not sit in the corner and collect dust like most of the other lonely fitness equipment.
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