How to Work Out Your Deltoid Muscle Without Using Weights

The deltoid muscle, or simply the "delts," is a large muscle group located in the shoulder area. It is responsible for shoulder movement, such as raising and rotating the arm. To work out your deltoids, you don't need to rely on weights. There are a variety of exercises you can do to target this muscle group using your own bodyweight or resistance bands.

1. Using the MAXPRO: The MAXPRO is a great tool to work out your delts without directly using weights. We actually recorded a whole workout session on how to use the MAXPRO to work out your shoulders. Take a look at it below.

2. Push-ups: This classic exercise not only works the chest, but also the shoulders, including the deltoids. By keeping your hands close together and rotating your hands outward, you can increase the focus on your delts.

3. Shoulder press: This exercise is great for targeting the deltoids. By sitting on the floor or mat with legs crossed, press your palms against the floor or mat above your head and lift your body off the floor or mat while keeping your legs crossed.

4. Handstand push-ups: This exercise is an advanced version of the traditional push-up, but it places more emphasis on the deltoids. By doing handstand push-ups, you use your own bodyweight to work your deltoids.

5. The Plank: This exercise is a great way to work on core strength as well as deltoid. Perform the plank on a mat or floor while facing down, place your hands on the mat or floor and lift your body off it.

6.Dips: Dips are another great bodyweight exercise to strengthen your deltoids. You can perform this exercise by using parallel bars or by placing your hands on the edge of a bench or step.

7. Shoulder Y raise : This exercise is great for targeting the deltoids, lie on your side and raise your arm up, keeping your elbow straight. Use your deltoid to lift your arm up.

These exercises are effective in targeting your deltoids and can be easily done at home or in the gym without the need for weights. However, it's important to consult a doctor or trainer if you have any pre-existing conditions or injuries before beginning a new workout routine.

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