March Update

March 8, 2020

Hello Friends of MAXPRO!

As you are aware, Coronavirus (COVID-19) expanded globally and had become a factor in every one of our lives. We are monitoring the situation closely and gathering data from primary sources – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and State/Local Health Departments; as well as monitoring our own staff during production. The health and well-being of our team members, partners, and customers will always be our top priority.

Part of our production does occur in China, before it makes its way back to Detroit for quality review and distribution; so, with that said, fulfillment has been delayed. The good news is, our manufacturing partner has resumed operations, and additionally, sub-suppliers have returned to work, so your orders are being fulfilled. Here’s what to expect:

PRODUCTION: We are now in queue for production the week of March 23rd, fulfilling outstanding orders is our priority.

PRODUCT: We have utilized this extra time to make the MAXPRO even better. As you can see from the images below, we changed the cord exit hole shape and size. While the previous design worked well, we wanted to make the motion quieter and smoother and we think this change will accomplish that goal, giving users a better experience.

We also increased the diameter of our cord from 1.8mm to 3.0mm to give extend the lifetime of your product and provide a higher strength. We also have improved our wall track design, completed our bench 2.0 design (design only - more details to come), improved our packaging design, updated our instruction manual, and as you saw from the video we posted on our YouTube channel, we have been working on the beta release of our app. You will soon be able to download the MAXPRO Coaching APP from the Apple store and Google Play.

SHIPPING: With the March 23rd - 25th production timing, we anticipate to start shipping the product out from March 27- April 10th. The shipping order will be largely prioritized by order date, with our very first backers on Kickstarter receiving their product(s) first (since they have been waiting the longest).

Logistically, we have accounts set up with all the major shippers and have a plan to distribute globally. We expect that from the time your product is shipped from our manufacturer, you can expect to receive it at your door within two weeks. You will be notified upon initial shipping and provided a tracking number.

FINANCING: We are also happy to report, that through all of your support (crowdfunding backers and pre-order customers), we now have the funds available to fulfill all raw material orders and continue to develop our team and products, thanks to all of you!

TEAM: Finally, we thought we should take this opportunity to introduce our new team members. Ali (logistics) and Whit (Sales), join Sabrina, Harold, and I in the core Development team in the Detroit area, along with our App team in Venezuela, and our Manufacturing team in China.

We want to leave you with this: Thank you for trusting us. Thank you for your patience and continued support. Those that have placed orders will receive the product as soon as possible; please, continue to hang in there with us. It’s been a long road for our team at MAXPRO, but we couldn’t be more excited to introduce this revolutionary new product to the world. Please contact us with any questions or concerns. We look forward to being a partner in your next fitness journey.


Nezar Akeel, Founder, MAXPRO Fitness

PS: We are excited to show you the new (vs the old!) cord exit hole:

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