Overcoming Obstacles For A Comprehensive Workout

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could hire out our fitness like we hire out the lawn maintenance? No such luck. With our busy and on the go lifestyles, we need fitness solutions that are as diverse and versatile as we are. That’s right, whether you are training for an Iron Man or regrouping from childbirth, the challenges for obtaining and sustaining a comprehensive workout are similar.

Ideally, everyone can afford the time and cost of attending a gym with an educated personal instructor foraging the way to optimal fitness. But let’s be real. Even taking the time and energy to drive to the gym can put a big kybosh to the whole idea of getting in an effective workout. Not to mention needing to pack a gym bag and shower essentials…including remembering to throw in that clean pair of socks. And what happens when we have those weeks, or months, where there just isn’t enough flexibility in our schedules to attend all those hour-long gym classes? We still get the membership bill, but not the payoff.

Another, more feasible option to combat time and money constraints is to invest in an at-home fitness regime. No, I am not talking about jazzercise. Not that I don’t get a kick out of watching those old fitness videos with all that spandex and aqua net hair. I mean a real home gym regimen. I know what you’re thinking; don’t we all have at least one of those “amazing” gimmicky, fitness machines that despite all the empty promises, inevitably ends up being a new place for storing dirty clothes? Who has the money, or space for any more of those failed investments?

Fortunately, the demand for new and innovative solutions to these home gym limitations have been the birthplace for some pretty cool new tools. At this point, almost everyone has heard of the new trend toward fully immersive home fitness machines (think Peloton). These new arrivals are raising the bar for the home gym junkie. Advances in technology are allowing for an “at the gym” community experience, access to knowledgeable instructors and training, and all in the comfort of your own home. No need to swap sweat with strangers or accommodate all those New Year resolution-ites crowding your space and tilting your goals off track.

One of the newest tools to reset the home gym standard is the MAXPRO and MAXPRO SmartConnect. While most home gym machines, even the newest ones, can provide an accelerated experience, they still just do that “one” thing, really well (again, think Peloton). MAXPRO is the first, compact home gym machine providing all the essentials for an immersive AND comprehensive workout while remaining affordable. Whether you are looking for Cardio, Circuit, HIIT, Tabata, Plyometric, Resistance training, and/or stretching, MAXPRO and the MAXPRO app have you covered.

“I like that you can go from strength exercises right to explosive exercises. (And) you don’t have to walk anywhere to change your workout. (Just) turn around, knob twist, handle switch and go.” - Darius Slay, NFL Detroit Lion’s cornerback

Boosting its revolutionary PowerClutch (patent pending) technology, MAXPRO provides its user with workout capabilities never before seen on the market. Like providing up to 300lbs of resistance in a portable, no assembly required, compact fitness machine. Pairing this engineering marvel with the technological advances of the complimentary app, MAXPRO offers the first fully immersive, comprehensive home fitness option that everyone can afford.
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