Sports Illustrated Names MAXPRO "The Best Portable Smart Home Gym"


Sports Illustrated Names MAXPRO "The Best Portable Smart Home Gym"

[Detroit, Michigan] - MAXPRO, the portable home gym, has been named "The Best Portable Smart Home Gym" by Sports Illustrated. MAXPRO is a game-changer for those who are limited on space or frequently travel but still want reliable fitness equipment that’s easy to take along for the ride.

MAXPRO is a well-designed, foldable, and compact frame that is surprisingly lightweight, checking in at less than 10 pounds. You secure it with your own body weight and then turn a dial to adjust its 50 different resistance settings with no additional weights required.

The MAXPRO SmartConnect is the ultimate space-saving, self-contained gym for your home. Its SmartConnect app is free and offers starter workouts. Users can participate in global challenges and see their scores on leaderboards. If users want more advanced workouts, they can opt to upgrade to a premium subscription for an additional $9.99/month.

The MAXPRO coaching app connects to the MAXPRO via Bluetooth so users can track their performance, follow along with on-demand training sessions, or customize their own resistance training workouts. The app also offers strength training, HIIT, cardio, and more.

"We are thrilled to be named the Best Portable Smart Home Gym by Sports Illustrated," said Nezar, MAXPRO's founder & CEO. "We designed MAXPRO to be a compact, portable, and affordable alternative to bulky home gym equipment. MAXPRO is perfect for those who are short on space, but still want to get a great workout. We are excited to see that our product has been recognized as the best in its category."

Users can also opt to purchase additional equipment like a wall track, a foldable bench, and a backpack.

For more information on this portable smart gym, visit MAXPRO's website.


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