When Fitness is Critical to Job Performance

Let’s face it, ideally, we would all love to be at our absolute prime for fitness. We love to feel good and look great. But when you are an individual working in a profession that depends on your physical agility for your work performance, fitness takes on a new definition.  Working in public service positions like firefighting, police or emergency medical response, an individual’s physical aptitude could mean avoiding serious injury or death. Additionally, an individual’s fitness capability in these fields can directly impact not only themselves but the health and safety of their coworkers and the community they serve. Like the rest of us, these hometown heroes face the same and often even more intensive challenges when it comes to finding the time, space and budget to sustain optimal physical performance.

Often, individuals serving in these fields hold either extended or unusual shift hours, making attending scheduled fitness classes or confined gym hours even more difficult than the general 9am to 5pm crowd.

With MAXPRO, the revolutionary at-home or on the go gym, satisfying the goals of a rigorous, full gym workout becomes more than just feasible, they are obtainable. 

“When I am working on the road, our schedules are feast or famine. At a moment’s notice, we can go from having hours of downtime, to hours of a high-intensity workload. Physical and mental versatility is critical. Having access to a comprehensive, portable fitness mechanism allows me to stick to my workout goals no matter where I am stationed, or for how long.”

Upon its inception, the purpose of MAXPRO was to provide the benefits of a full gym workout, in a compact, portable fitness machine.  As the design and development has continued, the benefits of MAXPRO and MAXPRO SmartConnect cannot be negated.  Offering cardio, strength, circuit, HIIT and Tabata training, MAXPRO is clearly the comprehensive option for individuals interested in a versatile and effective fitness regime, whether their job depends on it, or not.

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