When You Feel Like Giving Up, This May Motivate You Not To

We know things in life can get challenging. But you are stronger than those challenges.

Our challenges in life never came to stay. No, they came to pass. They came to test us, grow us, shape us, and create us.

And most of all, they came to help us to remember the great purpose that lies within us.

Understand at this very moment, you are alive because there is deep purpose within you. There are great actions that only you can fulfill through your life and your living out the dreams placed within you.

In hard times; when you feel like you can’t keep going and when everything in you wants to quit, gain perspective.

 Realize you have it in you to make through the seemingly “impossible” … to change your situation, to do whatever you put your mind to do.

Realize you have it in you.

You are still alive, aren’t you?

Think of this way, everything that you have done so far, you’ve beaten the odds against.

Nothing, in all your time alive, has been able to stand against you.

No test, no difficulty, no challenge was so great that you could not overcome it.

Somehow, you pushed yourself to keep going, not look back with regret.

You pushed yourself past your own doubts and others.

You encouraged us to keep believing that you could.

Of course, it may not have all go smoothly, but you still overcame each and every hardship or test that came your way.

Sure, it wasn’t always easy, but you are still here, aren’t you?

Doesn’t that count for something?

Don’t you see that your life is worth something?

That who you are and who are becoming are worth something?

I’ll even go one step further:

Isn’t the fact that you are still trying, pushing, hoping, and even craving to become your greatest self a testament to your will?

Even after everything that has been thrown your way, after everything you’ve had to overcome and go through… you are still alive!

You are still here, fighting day after day, for a better life!

How incredibly resilient, stubborn, but also persistent and determined you are!

Even with everything you have been through, you still have not given up that idea that your life can get better. That you can get better. And most of all, that your life and who are becoming in the process of going after your dream will be worth in the end.

All of these – in and of themselves – are enough to fight for, to believe in, to continue on for.

Somewhere, deep inside, whether you are aware of it or not, you believed that there was a brighter future in this for you and every minute that you kept trying, kept fighting, you proved this more and more.

With all of that was said, honestly, how can you not believe in yourself?

How can you be so pessimistic as to say that you will eventually give up when there have been no signs of it?

Yes, you’ve had to give up on some things along the way. Yes, you may have not to diligently become better, to work harder, and to change your habits. But these were only stepping -stones to a greater goal.

Sometimes you may have gotten off the path. Sometimes you may have taken a different path. Sometimes, you may have even had the path you wanted to take blocked.

But look, you are still here today.

In spite of it all, you still kept walking towards your dream.

So, don’t give up. Not today, and not ever.

If anything, allow your life to continue to show you that you are more resilient, more enduring, and more relentless than you may have ever thought possible. Know that you have everything within you needed to make your dream become your reality.

At least, believe in these truths, even if you cannot believe in yourself.

Believe in the fact that you have made it this far and that you will find a way, even if you cannot see that right way now.

Believe that somehow, somewhere, and in some way, shape or form, you will overcome, because you have done so every single time.

You will indeed make it through.

You have everything in you that you need to do.

Now, keep going.

About the author: Lukas Schwekendiek is a life coach, speaker, and writer. His work has been published on TIME, Inc.com, and The Huffington Post. He is based in Germany

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