Freedom to move. Fit a weight room's worth of equipment into any sized space.

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Getting Started With Your MAXPRO

Allow your MAXPRO to Break-In

During the break-in period you may feel tugging or catching in the cable. This is completely normal. As you use your maxpro this will go away. The break-in period takes around 15-30 days with regular use (around 3-5 times per week). 

IMPORTANT - Do your two sides feel unbalanced?

Your MAXPRO comes with a mini clutch system inside (yes, like a car!). This clutch plate is our patent-pending invention to bring you a powerful resistance (up to 150 pounds per side!) in such a small machine. But with power comes responsibility 😉. Watch this video to see how you can EASILY adjust the resistance on your MAXPRO if your two sides are off.

  • Customer Care - We are here for you!

    YOU are the most important part of this journey. If you need ANYTHING at all- we are here for you. Don't hesitate to reach out! Missing something? Call us or email us- we've got you. Something doesn't feel right? Let us know- we will make it right. MAXPRO won't stop working to make this the BEST EXPERIENCE for you!

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  • Check out our Instagram page

    Head over to @MAXPROdetroit to see how the community is using the MAXPRO. There you will also find LIVE MAXPRO classes taught by our world-class instructors - you will be sure to sweat, laugh, cry and most important of all stay motivated and keep using your MAXPRO! 🙌 😂 😭 💪🏼

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  • Join the FUN! MAXPRO MAXPACK Community

    Now for the fun stuff! Join your fellow MAXPACK-ers. Check out our private Facebook group for tips and trips and of course YOU! Post your favorite workout and stay connected to the people all over the world LOVING their MAXPRO!

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