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If you are used to lifting weights, MAXPRO will feel different. You will feel resistance when you pull the cable out but there won’t be any resistance on the return.

There’s been some misconceptions over the years about concentric vs. eccentric resistance. The MAXPRO uses concentric resistance only (applying resistance during the lifting phase of the exercise) to help you build muscle. Some wonder if you can still build muscle without eccentric resistance (the lowering phase of the exercise).

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Do your two sides feel unbalanced?

Your MAXPRO comes with a mini clutch system inside (yes, like a car!). This clutch plate is our patent-pending invention to bring you a powerful resistance (up to 150 pounds per side!) in such a small machine. But with power comes responsibility 😉. Watch this video to see how you can EASILY adjust the resistance on your MAXPRO if your two sides are off.

Check out the MAXPRO Coaching App

The MAXPRO Coaching App offers coached classes, training programs, real-time feedback, and rep counting. The app tracks performance metrics, helping you monitor progress and achieve your fitness goals efficiently. The MAXPRO Coaching App is suitable for all fitness levels, making it a versatile tool for anyone looking to improve their physical health.

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  • MIKE


    This thing is the real deal and I’ve had no problems with it. It is highly durable. Also, I enjoy the concentric style workouts and have still felt gains in my mid-30s. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.



    I’m in love with the machine, easily adaptable for disabilities and wheelchair workouts. The type of exercises (concentric) doesn’t make me sore the next day, and it’s much safer for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and MS too. I love using it outdoors in parks. It was worth watching the MaxPro videos on YT to learn how to properly use it (I wasn’t sure at the beginning but I gave it a chance!). The app gives many workouts too and it’s very helpful to use along the SmartConnect.



    Concentric Resistance Training allows you to achieve higher contribution reps at higher resistance levels leading to greater workout volume and muscle stimulation. MAXPRO elevates your workout from beginning to end!

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